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Solutions We Offer:

video moderation

Video Moderation Service

Video Moderation is another type of visual moderation that specializes in video uploads, checking for video stability, size, length, theme, elements (like images and audio included) and other criteria that govern video content. Video Moderators are tasked with reviewing the […]

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website moderation

Website Moderation Service

Web Moderation or Website Moderation is the general service that employs internet moderators to handle basic graphic content, text and web mediation. The general moderation service aims to achieve online balance across multiple content and web-based interactions as well as […]

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picture moderation

Picture Moderation Service

Picture Moderation also known as Image Moderation handles the second most abundant content on the internet (second to Text Content). Image or Art Moderators are tasked with themonitoring of photos and graphics uploaded or posted by users, advertisers and administrators. […]

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forum moderaton

Forum Moderation Service

Forum Moderation is the mediation of discussions, facilitation of communication and the enforcement of guidelines or policies in an internet forum. Forum moderators monitor contributor exchanges, direct contributors and post to the correct threads and make decisions based on content […]

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chat moderation

Chat Moderation Service

Chat Moderation is an interactive form of moderation solely concentrated with chat rooms and direct discussions. The main goal is to achieve message balance or chat-temperance. Chat Moderators are specialized live moderators handling one-on-one or group interactions within a chat […]

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text moderation

Text Moderation Service

Text Moderation comes in multiple platforms, from websites to Short Message Services (SMS moderation). Basically it is a text-based mediation that handles worded posts via web or mobile to safeguard against anything that might be potentially offensive or abusive. SMS […]

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blog moderation

Blog Moderation Service

Blog Moderation considers policies and guidelines that concentrate on the moderation of posted web logs regarding multiple topics. Blog moderators check on the theme and content on a blog as well as the comments or reactions that follow. Blog moderation […]

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comment moderation

Comment Moderation Service

Recently, almost all forms of online content have the option to add comments to the uploaded or posted file. This gives rise to the need for more tedious mediation. Comment Moderation concentrates on viewer, reader and site user comments on various posts. […]

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game moderation

Game Moderation Service

Game Moderation specializes in online gaming from game sites that share information; introduce cheats and hacks; all the way to in-game moderation activities. The goal is to maintain an atmosphere of fair play and prevent gamer conflicts based on violations […]

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audio moderation

Audio Moderation Service

Audio Moderation is the moderation of music and other audio files uploaded unto a site. The main goal is to prevent/block any disturbing audio that violates ethics or pirated audio files that violate established copyright laws. Audio Moderators are tasked […]

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live moderation

Live Moderation Service

Moderation Management’s most effective form of moderation is Live Moderation; sometimes referred to as “Live Mediation,” it is real-time moderation which involves immediate review, approval or omission of posted content. Live Moderators are often necessary in online discussions to achieve […]

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